Movie Quote of the Day!

“The world has been so caught up with what Superman can do that no one has asked what he should do.”

-Senator Finch, Batman v Superman (2016)

Okay, so here’s the thing. I get where people are coming from when they say they have problems with BvS. I know that there was too much content jammed into a single movie, plot-lines that could have made at least three good movies but I loved it for just that. To take so much content and then to condense it into one movie and yet to be able to make it work is brilliant. Every character had an arc, a motive and an idea of where he/she was headed and why. Everything made sense and if these people were to exist in our world as it is today, that is how they would have reacted. But then again, who am I to project my ideas onto you? Decide for yourself.




  1. raistlin0903 · May 21, 2017

    I definitely agree with you. Sure the movie had it’s flaws, but all in all I found it to be a highly entertaining film, with great performances and some solid action sequences. Can’t wait for both Wonder Woman and Justice League this year 😊


    • mediocrenick · May 21, 2017

      Exactly. We go to the movies to escape our world for a few hours and be entertained and BvS delivered on that front.

      And as for Wonder Woman and Justice League, I still can’t believe it that we are getting these movies that I’ve been waiting to see since I was a kid.


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