Movie Quote of the Day!

“Just make sure you notice the collateral beauty.”

Brigitte, Collateral Beauty (2016)

There’s a silver lining to everything that ever happens.

Collateral Beauty.jpg


Movie Quote of the Day!

“You have the grand gift of silence, Watson; it makes you quite invaluable as a companion.”

Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Well, at least he’s truthful. I have been told that that’s a pre-requisite for a strong relationship!

As for the titular role, how does one go about deciding his pecking order of Sherlocks?

sherlock watson silence

Movie Quote of the Day!

“You know, there is something about a tangle of strangers pressed together for days with nothing in common but the need to go from one place to another and never see each other again.”

Hercule Poirot, Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Christie just might be the most important author of all time. We all enjoy her works but they aren’t literature and yet her stories are immensely re-visitable. I don’t quite know what sets her mysteries apart. Maybe it is the way her characters are flawed or maybe it’s the way the stories make us feel at the end. All of them carry a note of caution and a sort of hope that only impending doom can bring with it.

Movie Quote of the Day!

“I have seen the fracture of the human soul. So many broken lives, so much pain and anger, giving way to the poison of deep grief, until one crime became many. I have always wanted to believe that man is rational and similised. My very existence depends upon this hope, upon order and methods and the little grey cells, but now perhaps I am asked to listen instead to my heart. I have understood in this case that the scales of justice cannot always be evenly weighed and I must learn for once to live with the imbalance.”

Hercule Poirot, Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

No action ever takes place in isolation, does it?